Plumb Bill Pay Implements a Check Fraud Solution with Cheque-Guard

The Cheque Guard Suite of Products is the Industry-Leading Answer to Combating Check Fraud.

Press Release – Check Fraud Solution for Plumb Bill Pay

Plumb Bill Pay, a premier back-office accounting, financial reporting and bill pay firm for family offices and the high-net-worth, is pleased to announce a partnership with Cheque Guard and their check fraud detection tools and software. The combination of Plumb Bill Pay’s secure cloud infrastructure with state-of-the-art Barracuda Spam Firewall and Cheque Guard’s top-rated check printing security creates a robust defense to protecting client’s financial data.

“As a preferred outsourced bill pay vendor for many top multi-family offices, financial institutions and high-net-worth families, our security concerns around check fraud are a high priority,’ said Anneke Stender, Executive Vice President of Plumb Bill Pay. “After evaluating numerous solutions, we are confident that Cheque Guard is the leader in the industry with their innovative suite of products,” she said.

The Cheque Guard system replaces the need for Plumb Bill Pay to purchase individual checks from financial institutions for clients. Instead, specific account information is imported onto blank checks made with an image-survivable seal that encrypts the data into a barcode. The product is ChequeSeal, a next generation of Positive Pay that requires no issue file or transmission. The ChequeSeal is decrypted and verified at the bank to ensure authenticity of the check.

“Check fraud is the biggest form of payment fraud in the world, and we fully understand the magnitude of the issue,” said Emil Ramzy, President of Cheque Guard. “There is great synergy with the Plumb Bill Pay team and we are happy to partner with them and provide peace of mind that their check writing solutions are safe and secure,” he said.

Plumb Bill Pay offers a range of services, including bill payment, recordkeeping, income and expense tracking, cash flow reporting, vendor management and mail services. These solutions are customizable for every client depending on the need and complexity of their personal financial life.

“Security is at the forefront of Plumb Bill Pay, and we take a proactive approach to ensuring that customer data is not compromised,” said Robert Scherer, President of Plumb. “Cheque Guard gives us the extra layer of protection against the potential vulnerabilities of check fraud,” he said.

Plumb Bill Pay uses a proprietary task management system to facilitate and track bill pay management.  It is hosted on a cloud infrastructure with bank-level security measures and VPN connection. Bills are paid on time, monitored for accuracy and reconciled by a dedicated team. This includes accounting experts who specialize in serving the needs of the high-net-worth.

About Plumb Bill Pay:

For over two decades, Plumb has been helping high-net-worth families, their businesses, and family offices achieve greater levels of personal freedom by handling their personal reporting and bill pay needs.

Plumb Bill Pay works with clients nationwide with office locations in Southern California: 1227 Prospect Street, Suite 200, La Jolla, CA 92037; 16904 Via de Santa Fe, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 and 100 Bayview Circle, Suite 270, Newport Beach, CA 92660 and New York City: 747 Third Avenue, Suite 200, New York, NY 10017  

About Cheque-Guard:

Founded in 1991, Cheque Guard Inc. provides small to medium-size businesses and financial institutions with check fraud solutions, including ChequeSeal™ and ChequeSuite™. These software products allow businesses to integrate and deploy secure, controlled check printing and electronic payments for the Automated Clearing House (ACH), while creating a Positive Pay file for the bank as the checks are printed by the customer.

How to help eliminate check fraud with the protection of Cheque-Guard

This is the next generation of Positive Pay that requires no issue file and no file transmission.  The secure seal by ChequeSeal encrypts the check data into the barcode. When the check enters the banking system, an instant verification goes into action. Before it is paid, ChequeSeal references the encrypted information for comparison and determines the check’s authenticity.  For more information, click here.

check fraud solution

Are you ready to gain financial peace of mind knowing that your bills are being paid on time, reviewed for accuracy and detected from check fraud?

Best General Ledger System for Family Offices

New York, NY 

Plumb Bill Pay Wins Private Asset Management (PAM) Award

Plumb Bill Pay is recognized for rapid client growth by capitalizing on a gap in the marketplace for back-office accounting services for the ultra-high-net-worth and family office space.

New York City – February 2020, Plumb Bill Pay, a premier back-office accounting, financial reporting and bill pay firm for family offices and the ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW), announced that they have won the best General Ledger System by the distinguished Private Asset Management (PAM) Awards.

For over two decades, the PAM Awards have recognized top service providers in the private asset management space. The winners are selected by an independent panel of industry experts. Judging is based on the demonstration of financial progress in business performance, including growth in clients, employees and retention. As well as, rewarding firms for their product innovation and client service standards from the previous year.

“It is truly an honor to receive this award”, said Anneke Stender, Executive Vice President of Plumb Bill Pay. “Creating a white glove client experience and combining it with our efficient workflows, technology and security measures has been the foundation for our significant growth in the space”, she said.

Plumb Bill Pay was named winner for the “best general ledger system”, an award designed to recognize firms who provide outsourced general bookkeeping, bill pay and accounting support services to family offices and the private client community.

A first-time nominee for the PAM awards, Plumb has been providing a full-suite of back-office accounting and bill pay services for the UHNW and family offices for over 15 years. As a preferred outsourced accounting vendor for multi-family offices and financial institutions, Plumb Bill Pay tripled their client base and expanded their east coast footprint by adding a third office location.

 “Thank you to the private client community for recognizing our achievements,” said Robert Scherer, President of Plumb Bill Pay. “We value our partnerships with family office teams and their trust in our ability to produce the best general ledger system for their clients,” he said.

Understanding the unique needs and complexity of the private client space, Plumb Bill Pay offers a range of UHNW back-office accounting services, including bill payment, entity bookkeeping, financial reporting and cash flow analysis.  Clients and their personal financial team receive clear-sighted reports, so they can make informed decisions about their wealth.

The award ceremony took place on Thursday, February 6, 2020 at 583 Park Avenue, New York City, New York. There were 16 categories with award winners demonstrating tangible achievements by revenue growth and showcasing product and service innovation.

About Plumb Bill Pay | New York City | La Jolla | Newport Beach:

Founded in 1996, Plumb has been helping families, their businesses, and family offices achieve greater levels of financial freedom by handling their personal reporting and bill pay needs. Plumb Bill Pay offers a high-touch and high-tech approach to personal bill pay and is custom designed to meet the needs of the high-net-worth.

 Plumb Bill Pay works with clients across the country and globally. They have office locations in La Jolla and Newport Beach, CA and New York City, New York.

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