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Professional bill pay service, designed for your lifestyle.

Plumb’s trusted bill pay service is customized specifically for you. Because no two clients are identical, our approach is tailored to match the needs of each individual or family. We offer personalized, high-touch service to you or your designated representative, so you are always a phone call or email away from your dedicated Plumb bill pay team.

Your understanding of our comprehensive bill pay service is important to us. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions we receive before new bill pay clients decide to partner with us. If your issue is not listed here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

  • How do Plumb's bill pay services work?

    Plumb’s outsourced bill pay solution is an accounts payable service that not only pays bills and reconciles accounts but gives you greater insight into your cash inflows and outflows. With our bill pay app, access to your bill payment data is in the palm of your hand, 24/7/365.

    You will be assigned to a bill pay team of accountants with a Client Relationship Manager who oversees and coordinates the bill payment process. To get started, bills are forwarded to the Plumb office, or a client-specific PO Box, then scanned and uploaded to the app.

    Next, we’ll build out the bill pay schedule and vendor management through our bill pay app. A financial calendar of due dates is put in place to track all payments of bills and upcoming bills. An invoice approval workflow is established and Plumb can cut checks as needed. The bill pay team handles the account oversight, tracking and reconciliations to ensure accuracy.

    Lastly, you will receive either a weekly or monthly cash flow report, to better manage your cash flow and track expenses.

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  • How do Plumb's family office accounting services work?

    Plumb’s outsourced family office accounting solutions provide the insights and information you need to make smart, informed decisions about your wealth. We work in partnership with your financial advisors so that you have a holistic view of your assets and financial holdings. We pride ourselves on providing both high-touch and hi-tech support to our clients and their trusted advisors.

    We follow our proprietary 7 Step Process. After we gain an understanding of your goals and needs, we will create an organizational chart and a financial calendar of due dates to provide the framework around which we’ll work and share information. We create cash flow reports, as well as a variety of customized reports based on your objectives. In addition, we provide cost and risk analysis reports, as well as a tax summary sheet so you and your advisors can see exactly what was shared with your CPA.

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  • I’d like to start using the Plumb Bill Pay App. How can I do that?

    We are thrilled you’d like to use our App! Please reach out to your dedicated Client Relationship Manager and they will be happy to walk you through the set-up process.

  • How much do Plumb's bill pay services cost?

    The fee for bill pay services depends on the number of transactions performed on a monthly basis. There is also a one-time setup fee in order to setup processes and schedules.

    In order to calculate the annual fee, which is billed over a 12-month period, you can fill out the new client questionnaire to request a quote.

  • How much do Plumb's family office accounting services cost?

    The fee for family office accounting services depends on the number of entities, accounts, properties, and other accounting services required. There is also a one-time setup fee in order to setup processes and schedules.

    In order to calculate the annual fee, which is billed over a 12-month period, you can fill out the new client questionnaire to request a quote.

  • Who uses Plumb's bill pay services?

    Our clients have a complex financial life and much of their free time is spent handling household accounting issues such as, paying bills and keeping track of their investments and collective properties.

    Clients find value in our bill pay services because they feel confident with a professional firm handling their bills, setting up vendor management, reconciling accounts and receiving cash flow reports.

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  • Who uses Plumb’s family office accounting services?

    Our services are designed to support high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals and their family offices and advisors. Plumb has decades of experience working with these clients and we have a deep understanding of their unique needs.

    Our goal is to provide timely, accurate, and insightful reporting so that our clients can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their accounting is in order and that their wealth advisors can focus on the big picture strategy of managing and maintaining their assets and financial holdings.

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  • What type of security measures are in place at Plumb?

    All confidential information is stored in a data center with multiple levels of security that can only be accessed by Plumb and yourself, or your designated representative. All sensitive information is encrypted and uploaded to the client’s private portal. There is a two-factor authentication to login to the portal to safeguard accounts and information at all times.

    In business for over 25 years, we have a trustworthy and transparent reputation. We are fully insured for cyber and crime security, and all Plumb employees are required to pass a background check.

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  • How do I know that bills are being paid on time?

    At any given time, you will have access to our secure bill pay app to view statements, available documents or reports.

    The Bill Pay schedule report is updated on an ongoing basis with daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual tasks. You will also have access to your bill pay team to communicate information and receive prompt responses.

  • Do you work with my personal financial team?

    Yes, Plumb is considered the final piece to your personal financial team. We can work with your wealth manager, banker, financial planner and CPA to provide a year-end bill pay summary report with standard deductions and cash flow tracking that can be integrated for tax preparations.

  • What other tasks do you handle besides paying bills and cutting checks?

    Plumb bill pay service is customizable to your needs but is also comprehensive in scope, including account reconciliations, cash flow reporting, properly tracking income and expenses, and more.

    We also provide a full suite of Family Office Accounting services.

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    View a full list of Plumb’s Family Office Accounting services.

  • Where are your clients located?

    All the work is done remotely, so we can service clients across the United States and worldwide.

  • Is there a minimum net worth or AUM to work with Plumb?

    While we don’t require a minimum net worth or AUM to work with us, most of our clients have a net worth starting at $50MM.

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