Innovative Technology

Our proprietary bill pay app makes approving bills, viewing bill payment status, and communicating with the Plumb team easier than ever. Our app provides the financial clarity needed to make the most informed decisions about wealth preservation.

High Touch Service

Personalized attention and meticulous detail management provide the foundation for our analytical, proactive approach to bill pay for high-net-worth clients.

Robust Security

We proactively protect sensitive data in several vital ways. Bank-level security, real-time, 24/7 network monitoring and detection from our in-house IT team ensures your data is protected.

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“I want to thank Plumb for all their exceptional work. This is the best outcome we have had in the past 8 years and is the first time our CPA hasn’t cited us for some small inconsistencies. Thank you for all your hard work. It’s been such a pleasure!"”

Plumb Bill Pay + Family Office Accounting Client

How is the Plumb Bill Pay App Different?

One-Stop Solution

No more switching between accounts or tools. Multi-entity payments and tracking are all housed within our sleek interface.

Crystal-Clear Oversight

Your entire financial picture on one dashboard. See what’s due, what’s paid, and what needs your approval. Plus, design your personal “Hot List” for priority bills.

Effortless Approvals

A click is all it takes to approve or reject bills. Customize your auto-approval limits for added convenience.

Stay Ahead

With our 6-month cash flow projections based on your commitments, you’ll always be in the know. And if funds are running low, an alert is right there on your dashboard.

Instant Access

Get your hands on detailed expense insights, crucial attachments, and comprehensive bill pay reports all in one place.

Easy Communication

Send direct messages quickly and efficiently to your Plumb team from within the app.


  • We understand the need for access to your important financial data anytime, anywhere
  • Having complete clarity about your money allows you to make better financial decisions. With Plumb’s propietary bill pay app, you can have both the access and the clarity you need.
  • Whether you want to use it for personal use or give permission to a trusted advisor, we provide a seamless and secure bill pay experience.


Schedule your demo today to see the easy approval process, projected cash outflow, balance snapshot, and more.


Beyond its efficient capabilities, out app ensures bank-level security, all while providing a user-friendly experience – accessible anytime, anywhere, Ready for a financial management game-changer? Schedule your demo of the Plumb Bill Pay App today.

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