Plumb Welcomes George Logemann as New Chief of Technology Officer

We are thrilled to share that Plumb has appointed George Logemann as our new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). George joins our team with extensive experience in financial technology and a fresh perspective that will drive our company to greater heights. As a member of our leadership team, George will play a central role in shaping and implementing our technology vision here at Plumb. George will lead software development, focusing on multiple phases of strategic enhancements and innovations, aimed at delivering exceptional value to our clients.

George has three decades of expertise in building financial technology for investment and wealth management enterprises. Notably, George dedicated over 13 years to Citadel, a leading hedge fund in the US. Within Citadel, George held various pivotal roles, including CTO and COO of Global Commodities, overseeing trading and risk technology as well as operational aspects for the firm’s commodities strategies. Prior to this, George spearheaded the creation of Citadel’s firm-wide back office platform, capable of capturing millions of daily transactions and supporting all portfolio management, operations and accounting processing. Beyond Citadel, George has dedicated several years to crafting cloud-based aggregation and operational workflow solutions for the financial advisory sector.

George’s background is broad and deep across financial technology and operations. We anticipate leveraging his leadership and experience at Plumb as we develop our comprehensive technology strategy and deliver top-tier solutions for our clients. “George brings such a cool edge and innovative creative process to our team. I am excited to see how he can expand the app and guide our technology team to new levels,” shared CEO Rob Scherer, expressing enthusiasm and optimism for the future. George has embarked on this mission by beginning to evolve our Plumb Bill Pay App into a comprehensive, interactive financial data platform. This expansion aims to offer clients not only convenience, but also valuable insights and interactive reporting features that empower them to take control of their financial health.

Unlike static reports that provide a fixed set of information, interactive reporting will allow clients to engage with their financial data dynamically. Plumb is using a scalable data warehouse, Snowflake, in tandem with the Plumb Bill Pay Application platform to obtain and pull from client data to offer more robust reporting and significant insights for our clients. Within the enhanced platform, Plumb will enable clients to gain more intuitive access to their information, customize dashboards, visualize trends, predict future cashflows, and receive real-time alerts and recommendations.

By transforming the app into a multifaceted data insights tool, we are not only enhancing its value proposition but also helping users gain a deeper understanding of their finances. This initiative will set a new standard in the fintech industry, demonstrating how technology can be harnessed to provide meaningful and interactive financial insights.

As we embark on this exciting journey, we are confident that George’s vision and expertise will enhance our technological capabilities, foster a culture of innovation, and propel us toward achieving our strategic goals. George shares, “Plumb’s leadership team cares about providing a high-quality client experience and they have outlined an innovative strategy. I am very excited to engage in this endeavor to help shape the future of the application suite and build solutions that will set us apart from other providers.” We look forward to the positive impact George will make and the advancements we will accomplish together. Join us in welcoming George to Team Plumb!

Customized Expense Categories for HNWI: Tailoring Reports to Individual Financial Goals

Beyond Budgeting: How Personalized Expense Categories Empower HNWI Clients

While expense categories are essential for any budget, for high-net-worth individuals with intricate financial lives, customization becomes vital.

At Plumb we understand the unique needs of our high-net-worth clients. We believe that tailored categories can unlock granular tracking, insightful decision-making, and refined budget planning. However, we’ve also seen where excessive detail can have a downside. Too many categories, lacking meaningful insights or tracking benefits, can risk becoming an overwhelming burden.

In this brief article we outline why expense categories matter, the benefits of these categories, and some best practices — and challenges — of implementation.


Importance of Expense Categories

  • Track spending: Organizing expenses into different expense categories helps HNWI clients with multiple properties and complex finances track where their money goes.
  • Customization: With QuickBooks class tracking, the clients can see their expenses broken out in whatever way they want and need to see it. This granular categorization might include categories for different properties, children’s school tuition, credit card purchases, country club expenses, or it can be as detailed as individual doctor fees and specific retail stores.
  • Decision-making: Detailed reports based on these customized categories empower clients to make informed financial decisions.


Benefits for HNWI Clients

  • Detailed insights: Drilling down into specific expense categories allows for better budget planning and cost control.
  • Control over finances: Clients can see where their money is going and take control of their spending habits.
  • Improved reporting: Customized categories enable clear and accurate financial reports for better analysis. At Plumb, with customized expense categories in place for all clients, we issue reports efficiently and seamlessly – whether they are shared regularly or based on an ad hoc request.


Implementation Best Practices and Challenges

  • Standardized Chart of Accounts: This helps maintain consistency across clients while still allowing for customization based on what the client needs.
  • Data overload: Highly customized categories can lead to complex data and reporting challenges. If there’s no benefit to the client, and it’s getting in the way of providing updated and accurate data, we will make the recommendation to the client for a better approach.
  • Matching and accuracy: Ensuring accurate data capture and categorization can be complex with many details. This is where Plumb shines. Our expert bill pay team has the tools and experience to create timely, accurate, and meaningful reports for our clients – regardless of the complexity of the expense categories.


With our decades of experience managing the bill payment and expenses of our high-net-worth clients, we understand the best practices of creating customized expense categories: how to create them, how to utilize them to drill down to important information, and how to create valuable and insightful reports.


Take the Next Step Towards Financial Ease and Clarity: Experience the benefits of secure and streamlined financial management. Contact us at to discuss how our outsourced bill payment services can enhance accuracy, save time, simplify record-keeping, reduce stress, and fortify the security of your financial transactions. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Plumb Bill Pay Implements a Check Fraud Solution with Cheque-Guard

The Cheque Guard Suite of Products is the Industry-Leading Answer to Combating Check Fraud.

Press Release – Check Fraud Solution for Plumb Bill Pay

Plumb Bill Pay, a premier back-office accounting, financial reporting and bill pay firm for family offices and the high-net-worth, is pleased to announce a partnership with Cheque Guard and their check fraud detection tools and software. The combination of Plumb Bill Pay’s secure cloud infrastructure with state-of-the-art Barracuda Spam Firewall and Cheque Guard’s top-rated check printing security creates a robust defense to protecting client’s financial data.

“As a preferred outsourced bill pay vendor for many top multi-family offices, financial institutions and high-net-worth families, our security concerns around check fraud are a high priority,’ said Anneke Stender, Executive Vice President of Plumb Bill Pay. “After evaluating numerous solutions, we are confident that Cheque Guard is the leader in the industry with their innovative suite of products,” she said.

The Cheque Guard system replaces the need for Plumb Bill Pay to purchase individual checks from financial institutions for clients. Instead, specific account information is imported onto blank checks made with an image-survivable seal that encrypts the data into a barcode. The product is ChequeSeal, a next generation of Positive Pay that requires no issue file or transmission. The ChequeSeal is decrypted and verified at the bank to ensure authenticity of the check.

“Check fraud is the biggest form of payment fraud in the world, and we fully understand the magnitude of the issue,” said Emil Ramzy, President of Cheque Guard. “There is great synergy with the Plumb Bill Pay team and we are happy to partner with them and provide peace of mind that their check writing solutions are safe and secure,” he said.

Plumb Bill Pay offers a range of services, including bill payment, recordkeeping, income and expense tracking, cash flow reporting, vendor management and mail services. These solutions are customizable for every client depending on the need and complexity of their personal financial life.

“Security is at the forefront of Plumb Bill Pay, and we take a proactive approach to ensuring that customer data is not compromised,” said Robert Scherer, President of Plumb. “Cheque Guard gives us the extra layer of protection against the potential vulnerabilities of check fraud,” he said.

Plumb Bill Pay uses a proprietary task management system to facilitate and track bill pay management.  It is hosted on a cloud infrastructure with bank-level security measures and VPN connection. Bills are paid on time, monitored for accuracy and reconciled by a dedicated team. This includes accounting experts who specialize in serving the needs of the high-net-worth.

About Plumb Bill Pay:

For over two decades, Plumb has been helping high-net-worth families, their businesses, and family offices achieve greater levels of personal freedom by handling their personal reporting and bill pay needs.

Plumb Bill Pay works with clients nationwide with office locations in Southern California: 1227 Prospect Street, Suite 200, La Jolla, CA 92037; 16904 Via de Santa Fe, Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067 and 100 Bayview Circle, Suite 270, Newport Beach, CA 92660 and New York City: 747 Third Avenue, Suite 200, New York, NY 10017  

About Cheque-Guard:

Founded in 1991, Cheque Guard Inc. provides small to medium-size businesses and financial institutions with check fraud solutions, including ChequeSeal™ and ChequeSuite™. These software products allow businesses to integrate and deploy secure, controlled check printing and electronic payments for the Automated Clearing House (ACH), while creating a Positive Pay file for the bank as the checks are printed by the customer.

How to help eliminate check fraud with the protection of Cheque-Guard

This is the next generation of Positive Pay that requires no issue file and no file transmission.  The secure seal by ChequeSeal encrypts the check data into the barcode. When the check enters the banking system, an instant verification goes into action. Before it is paid, ChequeSeal references the encrypted information for comparison and determines the check’s authenticity.  For more information, click here.

check fraud solution

Are you ready to gain financial peace of mind knowing that your bills are being paid on time, reviewed for accuracy and detected from check fraud?