Personal Financial Reports that Create Financial Clarity (Top 4)

Personal financial reports & insights that you need to make knowledgeable decisions about your wealth.

Plumb Family Office Accounting delivers financial peace of mind by providing personal financial reports with the highest quality of data to show a holistic view of personal wealth.  A typical Plumb client leads a busy life with complex financial undertakings, such as multiple investments, corporate entities, private equity, trusts, international exposure and collective properties.  In order to stay organized in their financial life, Plumb provides personal financial reports that reflect the multifaceted assets and financial holdings.

“The month-end personal financial reports that Plumb Family Office Accounting provides to my high-net-worth clients give a clear, aggregated picture of their current financial status and helps establish wealth preservation.” – Estate Attorney 

Plumb Family Office Accounting services are customized to meet the need of any situation from basic bookkeeping with bill pay to personal financial management and cash flow analysis.  Plumb works in partnership with their client’s personal financial team to streamline their efforts, giving them the backdrop to make better financial decisions.   Learn how Plumb Family Office Accounting works with Professional Advisors.

Plumb Family Office Accounting | Personal Reporting & Accounting Services:

  • Personal Financial Reporting & Analysis
  • Personal and Family Bill Pay
  • Cash Flow & Budget Management
  • Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Household Employee Payroll Services
  • Trust Accounting & Foundation Accounting
  • Personal Insurance Review & Coordination
  • Outsourced Personal/Executive Assistant Services

Personal Financial Reports & Analysis

Below are samples of the different types of personal financial reports that Plumb Family Office Accounting provides to their clients.  All the details of the report are collected per the 7-Step Process which is set-up at the beginning of the engagement. The main benefit of the personal financial reports is that they show consolidated and accurate numbers that reflect all the assets of the client.

Statement of Cash Flow:

The Statement of Cash Flow Report is a monthly snapshot of inflow and outflow of cash.  As a consolidated report listing all the cash coming in each month and what is being spent, it provides a big picture of overall cash position.  This personal financial report is helpful to execute the financial plans of the client and to be more disciplined with spending and saving, if necessary for retirement.

Personal Financial Report Cash Flow

Net Worth Statement:

The Financial Recap or Net Worth Statement Report is a consolidated list of assets by asset class and shows a holistic view of all investments from month to month.  The change variants are explained and analyzed into further detail in the financial notes section of the personal financial reports.

Financial Report Customized

Family Monthly Budget:

This report is for the affluent family or successful entrepreneur who wants to track against a budget.  Typically, the outline of the budget is put into place in the beginning of the year with the help of the client’s financial planner.  Plumb Family Office Accounting tracks against Expense categories and sums up the over/under variance.  By having this family budget report it allows for more efficient meetings with financial planning and focuses on year-to-date changes.

Budget Report for family

Vacation | Second Home Expenses:

Since most of Plumb Family Office Accounting clients own a second home or more, we’ve developed a Vacation Home Expense Report.  This is a cost analysis report on the typical recurring expenses that center on real estate on a monthly basis.  It shows any trends or spikes in expenses and helps to identify any issues and be proactive as to why they may be occurring.  For example, one client had a spike in their water bill for two months, and Plumb Family Office Accounting identified that there was a leak in their pool and had it fixed to lower their expenses.

Second Home Expense Report

Experience the Plumb Family Office Accounting Difference with Customized, Personal Financial Reports and Take Control of your Wealth

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Know Your Net Worth: Personal Bookkeeping & Bill Paying Services

Personal bookkeeping & bill paying services help keep your financial life on track.

Do you know your net worth?

It is a simple math equation. Your net worth equals your assets minus your liabilities.

personal bookkeeping

For those with a complex financial life, it can be a challenge to determine this calculation. You must first assign values to all your assets, including investments, brokerage accounts, personal property such as real estate, vehicles, jewelry, etc.  You also need to accurately track your expenses and debt, including loans, bills, taxes due, etc.

When someone’s wealth accumulates to a certain level, many individuals and families turn to a personal bookkeeping service or setup a single family office to help with the day-to-day financial tasks of tracking income/expenses, paying bills and creating consolidated financial reports.

How Can a Personal Bookkeeping Service Help?

Here at Plumb Family CFO, we understand the unique needs of the high-net-worth.  We have been helping affluent families, busy entrepreneurs and retired couples navigate their personal finances by providing a high-level bookkeeping service that is trusted and dependable.

We become your back-office accounting team. Our accounting experts have both corporate and personal bookkeeping backgrounds and deliver white-glove customer service.  By outsourcing bookkeeping to Plumb Family CFO, you will receive a team of accountants to provide services including:

  • Monthly consolidated financial statements to determine your net worth
  • Cash flow reports to track your income and expenses
  • Budget analysis to create a personal budget based on spending habits and long-term goals
  • Bank & credit card reconciliations
  • Entity bookkeeping for sole proprietorships, partnerships or corporations if necessary
  • Payroll administration for your household employees
  • Trust and foundation accounting
  • Bill payment services, including wire transfers, vendor management and capital calls

The setup process is unique for each family.  Personal bookkeeping services are customizable and pricing is based on a monthly fixed-fee basis.  The back-office accounting means that we can work virtually for the majority of the bookkeeping transactions, but also have meetings in person or on the phone to review financial statements and goals.

At Plumb Family CFO, we believe that by knowing your net-worth you can take true control of your wealth. 

What are the benefits of hiring a personal bookkeeper?

  • Reduce your stress and anxiety from managing multiple bills and due dates
  • Get a clear picture of your net-worth to make better decisions regarding your wealth
  • Gain access to a view of your monthly expenses, due dates and income from all your entities, etc
  • Have more time to focus on your family, your business and free time
  • Add the missing piece to your team of trusted advisors 

Want to learn more?  Please contact us for a no-obligation phone call to learn more about our process, pricing and personal bookkeeping services offered.

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