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Family Office Services Outsourcing: The Ultimate Audit Checklist

Finding the right outsourced family office service provider can be challenging enough, but once that decision is made, how do you know if you’ve made the right choice? And what steps can you take to ensure that your needs and goals are being met?

At Plumb we pride ourselves on providing clarity in accounting and stewardship in service for our high-net-worth bill pay and accounting clients (and their trusted advisors). This guides everything we do – from our seamless client onboarding process to our ongoing check-ins and accurate, customized reporting.

Here we take you through our top 5 recommendations for monitoring the effectiveness of your outsourced family office bill pay and accounting provider. Use this simple checklist to ensure that you are getting the service you need from your outsourced firm.

  1. Clarity

Working with an outsourced service – regardless of what that service is – should provide you with clarity. When it comes to bill pay and accounting, clarity is paramount. But what do we mean by clarity? It’s not just about having organized spreadsheets and balanced books. It’s about seeing the story behind the numbers: understanding where your money comes from, where it goes, and why. This clarity will help pave the way for successful wealth management and maintenance.

  1. Communication

A key component to any solid and productive relationship is communication. This is no different when thinking about your relationship with your outsourced service providers. Do you feel like you are kept up to date on everything you need to know about? Are your emails and calls responded to with urgency? Does the team working with you understand your goals, your needs, and your expectations? Are the updates and reports they provide clear and well-explained? If you answer “no” to any of these questions, you should address this with your outsourced firm to see what can be adjusted.

  1. Access

How easy is it for you to get the data and information that you need? Does your outsourced service provider have an app (like the Plumb proprietary bill pay app) that you can access anytime, from anywhere? What about customer support access? How much access do you have to the team handling your account?

  1. Comprehension

Do you feel that you understand what this outsourced service provider is responsible for, as well as any data and information that they are sharing with you? Are they sending updated and timely reports? Better yet, do you have access to a digital dashboard where you can view the data you need, in the way you want to view it?

  1. Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, are you able to relax and rest easy knowing that your bill pay and accounting needs are being met? That you don’t have to worry about keeping track of due dates and cash flow because your outsourced team is on top of it? The ultimate goal for any outsourced service provider is to alleviate the daily stress and worry their clients face. At Plumb, we want our clients to focus on the things in life they enjoy and love – and to leave the bill pay and accounting details up to us. We’ve got it covered.

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