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Plumb Bill Pay App: Spotlight on the Dashboard

The Dashboard on the Plumb Bill Pay App is designed to provide a quick and easy overview of the bill pay essentials that matter most to you.

The Dashboard provides a snapshot of:

  • Pending and approved bills
  • Number of bills paid
  • Dollar amount of cash outflow
  • Monthly payment commitments
  • Balance snapshot that shows a balance of available funds in your main bill pay bank account

{For a sneak peak at the Dashboard of the Plumb Bill Pay App, please watch this brief video.}

At the top of the Dashboard, you can view:

  • Total number of bills pending approval and their related dollar amount
  • Total number of approved bills and their related dollar amount
  • Total number of bills Plumb has paid on your behalf
  • Total cash outflow

The calendar can be customized to view the timeframe you are interested in seeing.

The center section of the Dashboard is a graph that represents your monthly bill commitments. These commitments are your recurring or regular monthly payments. The graph depicts both your actual payments as well as your committed payments. You can see:

  • What has been paid
  • What is still left to be paid
  • The variance between what’s been paid and the commitments for that month

Want to see this in action? Watch this brief video about Commitments.

The dashboard also highlights a balance snapshot which provides a summary of bills pending approval as well as the available funds from your designated bank account.

If your balance is lower than the amount of your bills pending approval, there will be a notification with the amount of funding required.

To learn more about our services and Bill Pay App, please watch this brief overview video and reach out to schedule a personal demo.

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