Personal Concierge Services for the Frequent Traveler

Are you ready for your summer vacation?

Luxury travel and relaxation is a top priority for many of our Family CFO clients.  With their extended stays away from home, many entrepreneurs and affluent families have a lot of responsibilities to keep organized. At Plumb Family CFO, our goal is to add simplicity and clarity to our clients’ financial lives. This gives them peace of mind while traveling the globe.

Our personal concierge services can be customized to meet the needs of any situation, with a wide range of projects and oversight. Client’s can take a long-term summer vacation and not have to worry about missing a bill or paying their household staff.

Personal Concierge Services:

  • Calendar Management
  • Bill Pay
  • Mail Services
  • Payroll for Household Staff
  • General Errands

“As a long-term client, I count on Plumb Family CFO to not only help organize my financial life, but also take care of other personal tasks.”

Frequent Traveler Case Study:


A successful business owner, actively engaged in day-to-day operations, begins traveling the world on a more regular basis.

Personal Concierge Services Provided by Plumb Family CFO:

  • Calendar, email and personal files were set up virtually to allow shared access at anytime
  • Event and travel calendar were kept up-to-date
  • All requests for donations, appointments and investment opportunities were initially screened by Plumb
  • Processed payroll for household employees
  • Handled HR duties for household employees
  • Created financial calendar of due dates and paid bills
  • Bank and credit card reconciliation


  • Well-organized calendar, with no event or meeting conflicts
  • Client spends less time searching through emails and proposals
  • Bills are paid on time
  • Peace of mind – more time to enjoy life and take care of business priorities

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Ready to Simplify your Life and Take Advantage of Personal Concierge Services?

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