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Outsourced Family Office Accounting and Bill Pay Services

A Single Family Office of a Billionaire family with over 40 entities relies on Plumb Bill Pay as a solution for their family accounting, entity bookkeeping and bill pay needs.


Single Family Office

Net Worth

Over a Billion


The CFO of an established Single Family Office of a Billionaire family hired Plumb Bill Pay to help implement an overall accounting department infrastructure that supports their processes and procedures.

The Challenge

The family office accounting team consisted of a CFO, Controller, Financial Analyst and transaction-based Accountants. They were lacking the AP accounting resources to properly create checks and balances to handle bill pay, entity bookkeeping and cash flow reporting.

The Solution

Plumb Bill Pay provides a solution for outsourcing family accounting and bill payments and processing. The SFO now has the ability to scale their accounting department more appropriately, so their financial management executive team can optimize their time for better visibility into the overall wealth of the family.  While their transaction-based accountants can focus on other administrative tasks, along with bank, credit card and investment account reconciliations. With Plumb Bill Pay, the family office gains a team of Accounts Payable experts who closely monitor all incoming and outgoing bills, wires and checks.

Outsourced Accounting Services for the Family Office:

  • Comprehensive bill pay with approval levels and oversight
  • Processing checks
  • Cash management reports
  • Expense tracking and reporting
  • Household employee payroll administration
  • Entity bookkeeping
  • Creating weekly cash flow reports
  • Vendor management setup and reporting
  • Record-keeping

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