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The Best of Personal Family Office & Bill Pay Services this Year

Personal Family Offices & Bill Pay Services for the High Net Worth

Plumb Family Office Accounting is an outsourced accounting firm, focusing on personal CFO and bill pay services. In this post, we showcase the most popular content regarding Plumb Family Office Accounting, a personal family office and bill pay service provider for the high-net-worth and family offices.

#1 Why Use a Personal Family Office and Bill Pay Service Firm?

Are you a good candidate for outsourcing your personal accounting or bill pay needs? Do you want to know how a personal CFO service and bill pay firm can help you save time and bring peace of personal cfo mind? If you are dealing with complicated finances, or feel overwhelmed with the amount of bills that need to be paid and tracked. Plumb Family Office Accounting explains the top 5 reasons to use a personal bill pay service firm.

#2 Keys to a Successful Onboarding of a High-Net-Worth Client

The “white-glove” experience for a client of Plumb Family Office Accounting starts at the on-boarding process. It can seem overwhelming at first to gather all the bills and financial data in order to start the relationship. However, at Plumb, we have worked with busy entrepreneurs and even busier families, so we have developed a system to make the onboarding process easier. It is this combination of personal attention and service, with technology and security that brings it all together.

#3 Five Signs that you Need a Back-Office Family Office Accounting

What is a back-office Family Office Accounting? Are you missing due dates with your bills and incurring late payments? Are you having trouble keeping track of your investments that could include entities, personal bill pay firm rental properties, trusts, etc.? Do you have a clear picture of your wealth? Is your financial paperwork organized for tax season? How much time are you devoting to handling household finances, compared to actually enjoying your wealth? Think about your answers, then read about how a back office CFO can help.

#4 Family Wealth: How to Retain it with Better Financial Reporting

In order to make better decisions and retain your family wealth, it is important to have accurate, up-to-date financial information. Plumb Family Office Accounting offers outsourced accounting services to wealthy family services the high-net-worth and provides consolidated financial reporting with real-time data for a holistic view of family wealth. Unlike wealth management firms, Plumb Family Office Accounting does not manage money or recommend investment strategies. They work together with their client and their client’s personal financial team in a strategic manner to leverage their total expertise.

#5 Top Signs that you Should Hire a Personal Bill Payer

Who is the typical client of Plumb Family Office Accounting? Not all clients are alike, but the one thing they all have in common is: personal financial complexity. They own multiple homes, have household employees on their staff and have investment accounts, entities, trusts and even personal foundations. Most importantly, they are paying up to 100 bills per month and using a few different credit cards and bank accounts to manage their spending. Click here for an infographic >>

Are you ready to simplify your personal financial life and take true control of your wealth?

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