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Why Use a Personal Bill Pay Service Firm?

As a personal bill pay service firm, Plumb offers bill pay services that cater towards individuals and families who are dealing with complicated finances.  You may want to enlist the help of a personal bill pay service firm if you feel overwhelmed with the amount of bills and mail you receive each month and find it too time consuming to get your personal finances organized.

The Plumb personal bill pay service firm is not an online bill pay software, rather it is a team of accounting experts who have experience dealing with high-net-worth clients and their specific bill pay needs.  At Plumb, we provide high-touch services while also utilizing the latest bill pay software and technology to manage monthly expenses and produce cash flow reports.

Top 5 Reasons to Use a Personal Bill Pay Service Firm:

  1. Have your expenses tracked and bills paid on time so you can focus on your family and enjoy your wealth.
  2. Receive comprehensive cash flow reports, allowing you and your personal financial team to make better decisions about your wealth.
  3. Deliver accurate tax documents to your CPA by having organized recordkeeping throughout the year and electronically filing invoices.
  4. Pay household staff, prepare 1099s & 1096s, and streamline vendor management to centralize all household expenses.
  5. We monitor credit card and wire transactions for discrepancies, tracked and reconciled for accuracy, to give you peace of mind.

Who Uses a Personal Bill Pay Service Firm?

Plumb was established over 20 years ago to provide outsourced accounting services to entrepreneurs, their companies, foundations and personal family bookkeeping and bill pay needs. The typical client who requests personal bill pay service from Plumb has multiple properties, household staff, numerous bank, credit card and investment accounts to manage and track. Therefore, they want to reduce the overwhelm of paying multiple bills, reconciling accounts and staying on top of due dates.

Discover how Plumb, a personal bill pay service firm, can work for you.

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