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Ensuring Bills Stay on Track and Deadlines are Never Missed

At Plumb we have a very intentional and trusted approach in place to ensure all client bills are paid on time.

Between our seamless process, our cutting-edge technology, and our tried-and-true best practices, one of the main priorities at Plumb is to ensure that client bills stay on track and deadlines are never missed.

Our Process

  • When we onboard new clients, we create an automated bill payment tracker for that client in our Bill Pay App. This essential tracker includes all necessary information about every bill – vendors, dollar amount, payment type, payment status, and due date.
  • When it comes time to issuing payment, we always have two sets of eyes on every bill. This crucial system allows us to ensure payment accuracy and prevent any bills from being missed.
  • We also help our clients set up auto-pay when and where it makes sense to do so, and part of our process also entails ensuring that these auto-payments come out of the designated accounts on time. There are several reasons why auto-payments may not be processed correctly, and it is our responsibility to confirm that these accounts are debited for the right amount at the right time.

Our Technology

  • Our Plumb Bill Pay team utilizes the Plumb Bill Pay app to check the bill pay tracker and to move bills through the payment workflow. The app has a clear and detailed list of bills for each client and each entity, vendor, amount owed, payment due date, whether the bill is recurring or not, and type of payment to be issued – whether ACH, wire, or check.
  • Our internal team is also alerted to deadlines as soon as they log into the app – which they do first thing in the morning, every day. Bills that need to be paid that week are highlighted in one way, while bills due that month are highlighted in another way. There is also an automated alert for any urgent payment needs.
  • The app automatically tallies all outgoing payments and matches it back to the invoice data. If there is an error, the Plumb team member will be alerted prior to payment being issued so that it can be resolved before it becomes a mistake.

Our Best Practices

While we are immensely proud of our proprietary Bill Pay App and the many ways it helps us ensure that bills are paid on time, we are still firm believers in our high-touch customer support.

If there are questions that arise, or issues that need to be discussed, our team will communicate directly with our clients or their trusted advisors to clarify, address, and resolve. Similarly, our team is always available to field questions and provide whatever bill pay support is needed.

Plumb delivers financial peace of mind by assisting high-net-worth individuals and family offices know where their money is going, so their trusted advisors can effectively manage it. We work in partnership with their team — including wealth, CPA, and other advisors — to provide the highest quality of data and financial reporting to establish a holistic view of their assets and financial holdings. We’d love to help answer any questions you may have. Feel free to schedule time to speak with Anneke Stender, our EVP, at your convenience.



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