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How Plumb Bill Pay Works and 5 Reasons to Use It

At Plumb Bill Pay, our personalized family bill pay services are custom designed to meet the needs of our high-net-worth clients. Our team of experts manages your bills, creates reconciliations and reports to allow your personal financial team to make better decisions about your wealth.

How It Works:

With Plumb’s proven outsourced bill pay solution, you receive high-touch service from accounting experts who provide cash flow reporting, track your expenses and pay your bills reliably and securely.

Our 7-phase bill pay cycle features segregation of duties, multiple levels of review, and secure access. Following these checks and balances, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your assets and bills are being monitored and paid on time, and all the while you can monitor your bill pay phases through our bill pay app. Take a look at our proven approach to family bill pay:

Phase 1: Bill Pay Associate receives and reviews vendor invoices.
Phase 2: Bill Pay Associate sends vendor invoices to the client for approval and initiates bill payment.
Phase 3: Bill Pay Lead approves bill payment.
Phase 4: Plumb signer authorizes signatures for ACH, wires, and checks.
Phase 5: Bill Pay Supervisor reviews bank and credit card statements for accuracy.
Phase 6: Bill Pay Associate reconciles bank and credit card statements.
Phase 7: Bill Pay Lead sends weekly cash activity report.


Top 5 Reasons You Should Use Plumb Bill Pay:

1. Take your time back:

Have your expenses tracked and all bills paid on time, so you can focus on your family and enjoy your wealth. With 24/7 on-demand access to your own accounts and frequent comprehensive reporting, you or your designated financial representative maintain a direct line of sight into your expenses, without the stress of managing the minutiae.

2. Personalized solutions:

We customize our approach to the specific needs and objectives of each separate client.

3. Be in the know

Receive comprehensive cash flow reports, allowing you and your personal financial team to make better decisions about your wealth.

4. You can rely on us

You will have peace of mind knowing you are in good hands as we offer unparalleled client service and guarantee on-time payments. This takes the pressure of you to plan for upcoming payments and recurring bill due dates. Ensure that your bills are paid on time, so you can devote more energy to enjoying life.

5. Deliver accurate tax documents to your CPA by having organized recordkeeping throughout the year and electronically filing invoices.

Take the First Step

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