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How Can I See Where My Cash is Going Each Month?


Having clarity regarding your monthly spending and cash outflow provides not only important insights that can help you make smarter, more informed decisions but also the peace of mind knowing that your finances are in order.  


We outline below some pivotal steps you can take to ensure you understand where your cash goes every month. 

We all know that tracking your monthly personal and business expenses is very important, yet it can be a surprisingly difficult task when your finances are complex and you have a lot to manage.

Staying informed becomes even more challenging when you own multiple properties, businesses, investments, or other assets. As your personal finances grow, the maintenance required changes and intensifies. Not knowing where you stand every month related to your expenses can generate stress and hinder your growth plans – or can potentially force you to make poor decisions. Understanding clearly how your money is being spent allows you to correct course if and when needed, so you can continue to move in the right direction.  

A comprehensive monthly report is the tool you need to help you gain clarity into your monthly finances. Like a rearview mirror that prevents blind spots, a monthly report will give you perspective on your positioning. Often the first few monthly reports can be a sobering experience, even for those who feel they generally have a good hold on their finances, but do not worry. With these new insights you can make any of the necessary changes to get yourself back on track. One important note: make sure your monthly report categorizes your expenses so you can get a good feel about where to cut back and where to allocate more resources.  

A monthly cash report allows you to compare your spending month to month and year to year. Plumb Family Office Accounting tracks against expense categories and sums up the over/under variance, focusing on year-to-date changes. Having this report allows for more efficient meetings with financial planners. At Plumb we use the latest software to provide you with all views and angles of your spending so you can see the whole picture. 

When you work with Plumb, we make sure every deduction in your spending is accounted for, which makes filing taxes significantly easier. Accessible monthly cash flow reports let you keep tabs on your finances, so you and your financial team can make better decisions together.  

Plumb Family Office Accounting is an expert at delivering the clarity and financial peace of mind high-net-worth individuals and family offices need. Let us know if you would like to get in touch for more information. We work in partnership with your team — wealth, CPA, and other advisors — to provide the highest quality financial reporting. This gives you true control of your wealth and establishes the foundation for effectively implementing your financial strategies.



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