Tax Deduction Survey for Tax Season

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Just in time for tax season

Do you think you know what qualifies as a tax deduction?  Here at Plumb, an outsourced accounting firm in San Diego and Orange County, we have a full team of accounting professionals who organize our client’s financials to get prepared for filing tax returns.  We are not a CPA firm, rather a company that supports businesses and high-net-worth families with their part-time and outsourced accounting needs.

Whether you are a CPA, tax professional, accountant or simply handle your own personal tax returns, test your knowledge with this quiz!

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Plumb works in partnership with our client’s CPAs to handle all the preliminary tax work for year-end.  With our customized 7-Step Process, Plumb delivers an Annual Tax Organizer, consisting of a one-page tax summary sheet outlining information sent to the CPA.  With our pre-tax accounting services, it ensures accurate record-keeping, and reconciliation of all asset accounts.  For more information on our Annual Tax Organizer, click here.

Pre-Tax Accounting Services:

  • Tracking and recording 1099’s,
  • Tracking and recording charitable contributions
    • Any contribution over $250 must have a letter or receipt
  • Tracking and recording medical expenses
  • Tracking and recording sales of stock
    • Enter gross proceeds and gross cost basis
  • Record and calculate Gross Distribution, Taxable amount and taxes withheld from Wages, Pensions or Gambling Winnings
  • Re-classify income per 1099
  • Verify 1099-G; money received from State & Local Tax Refunds

If you want to experience financial peace of mind this tax season, Plumb is here to help.  

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