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Wealth Advisor of Fortune 500 CEO Client Hails Plumb as “Heroes”


Fortune 500 CEO ultra-high-net-worth client who was previously using a bookkeeper to manage his accounting files and provide financial reporting, was looking for more hands-on, high-touch, and expert bill pay and accounting assistance.

The Challenge

He needed to understand his cash flow, what he was spending his money on, the timing of his payments due, and updated, timely, and accurate data and financial reporting. He was in need of financial clarity to help ensure successful and fruitful financial planning.

The Solution

When we started to review his accounting files, we quickly realized that the books were both inaccurate and not up to date. Balances were off, reconciliations were completed incorrectly and had not been updated in months, and the coding used was inconsistent and confusing. Our client had no idea how deep-seated these issues were until we dove into his records.

The Results

It took several months of work, but our incredible Bill Pay team along with our Reporting Specialist were able to clean up his records, correct his reconciliations, update, codify, and streamline his coding, and provide the timely and accurate reporting they need. The wealth advisor for this client referred to us as “heroes” and while we’re thrilled by the recognition, it’s more important to us that we’ve been able to provide this client with what he hired us to do – and more.

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