About Plumb Bill Pay

Outsourced Personal Bill Pay & Bookkeeping  

Plumb offers a proven outsourced bill pay and back-office accounting and bookkeeping solution for the high-net-worth and family offices. Their clients receive high-touch customer service from accounting experts who reliably and securely pay bills, as well as, provide cash flow reports to their personal financial team.

A proven approach to family bill pay

Although technology can never replace personalized, white glove service, the Plumb Bill Pay App creates a best-in-class bill pay process. The financial management team will spend less time chasing due dates and approvals, and gain more time working alongside clients to help strengthen their financial futures.

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• Are your client’s overwhelmed by the complexity of their financial life? Do they have multi-faceted undertakings, such as collective properties, corporate entities, investment accounts, private equity and international exposure?

• Is your client’s time too valuable to be paying bills, chasing due dates, tracking expenses and dealing with household financial management?

• Is your financial team handling last minute wire requests for your clients, setting up vendors on auto-pay or performing ad-hoc projects outside of your scope?


• Plumb Bill Pay is a trusted resource that handles the paying of bills, tracking of income and expenses and vendor management. Our personal bill management experts specialize in serving the needs of the high-net-worth and family office sector.

• With the Plumb Bill Pay App, household expenses are centralized with an at-aglace view to track approvals and upcoming due dates. Clients free up their time, so they can enjoy their wealth.

• Plumb Bill Pay handles all wire coordination from verifying instructions to calling vendors.

Services Offered:

Bill Payment & Record-Keeping
Bank & Credit Card
Cash Flow Reporting
Expense Tracking
Household Payroll
Entity Bookkeeping
Monthly Financial Statements
Trust & Foundation Accounting
Wire Transactions
Mail Management Services
Vendor Management
POA Signature Services


Is there a minimum net-worth for this service?

No. We believe that comprehensive, timely and accurate financial information gives clients true control of their wealth, regardless of net-worth. Our typical clients networth ranges from $10 million to over $1 billion.

Does Plumb manage wealth, recommend financial strategies or provide tax work?

No. We do not advise on wealth, do taxes or financial planning with our clients.

How is the fee calculated?

The fee depends on the number of transactions performed. Plumb will need a completed New Client Questionnaire to calculate the annual fee, which will be billed over 12 months.

Where are your clients located?

All the work is done remotely with our secure cloud network. We can service clients across the United States and worldwide.

How does the client approval process work?

With Plumb’s Bill Pay App, all invoices are downloaded and coded into the BP App. The data is synced in QuickBooks. The Bill Pay Lead will review the pre-bill queue for pending approvals. All bills, wires and checks are then sent to client or their designee for approval within the BP App. If a verbal approval is required, the Bill Pay Lead will call client/designee and print checks.

What type of security measures are put in place?

All confidential information is stored in a data center with multiple levels of security. It is encrypted and uploaded to a client’s private portal. There is two-factor authentication to login the portal to safeguard accounts at all times.

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